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Easy Fried Snapper and Grouper

Posted on February 03, 2018

Easy Fried Snapper and Grouper

Nothing tastes better than eating fresh fish you just caught on your off shore charter. Here is an easy recipe that we hope you will enjoy!

What you will need is:
2 eggs
¼ cup water
Oil for frying
Seafood breading mix (we like Louisiana fish fry)
Rinse and pat dry your fillets with a paper towel check for and remove any bones. Put your breading mix in a gallon food storage bag and set aside. Heat oil in a heavy saucepan or deep fryer to 350 degrees. In a bowl whisk together the 2 eggs and water then dip each fillet in the egg mixture and place it in the breading mix bag. Shake the breading mix bag till all the fillets are coated then remove them one at a time and place in hot oil. Cook in hot oil till golden brown depending on fillet thickness try 4-6minutes check for doneness and drain on paper towels.

Serve with simple tartar sauce, equal amounts of your favorite pickles finely chopped and mayonnaise.
Add a fresh garden salad for a nice light meal.

Any leftover cooked fish put in the refrigerator and use the next day for a wonderful fish salad. Chop up the fish add mayonnaise and a little lemon juice serve on a roll or a bed of lettuce…simply delicious.

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