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What will we catch: Red Grouper

Posted on January 14, 2018

What will we catch: Red Grouper

We do offshore fishing for red grouper year round. To be a “keeper” they must be 20” or larger in overall length and there is a limit of two per person. The average size “keeper” weighs 5-7lbs but we can catch them quite a bit larger then that. These fish are reddish brown in color with scattered pale blotches and beautiful green eyes. Red grouper are fun to catch but they will try to get back to the wreck or hole in the bottom faster then you can yell fish on, so your job will be to keep their heads up and headed to the boat. While you might get a “keeper” red grouper on a half day charter, we highly recommend a full day charter for your best red grouper fishing experience. Excellent to eat and fun to catch makes red grouper a deep sea delight.

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