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Proper Care of your Catch

Posted on November 30, 2017

Proper Care of your Catch

You spent the time, effort and money to go offshore fishing and you caught fish. So what is the best way to properly care for your catch? The first question we have is do you want to eat them? If you don’t want to eat them we are happy to release them alive offshore to live another day. If you do want your catch for table fare then Captain Clarence is a stickler about keeping them cold and I mean ice, ice, cold baby.

It is the frigid ice bath that is his preferred method. The ice bath is a mixture of salt water and ice which is colder then ice alone. This process not only kills the fish faster but also hastens the preservation process. When you come back to the dock after a day of deep sea fishing you will notice that fish handled in this manor have retained their beauty and look like they were just caught.
If you are on an extended overnight or two day offshore charter he will start your catch off in an ice bath. Then he will gut them and pack them by starting with a layer of ice then a single layer of fish then a layer of ice and then single layer of fish and so forth until all the fish are properly packed and topped off with a final layer of ice.

Upon arrival back at the dock we are happy to provide photo opportunities by either hanging your fish or you proudly holding your catch and some folks even prefer to sort them. All of these activities are fun and fine but you will notice that Captain Clarence doesn’t like to dally around and he wants those fish back on ice to preserve the table quality. The filleting and bagging that we provide with every charter can take a while and often you will see him bring up extra ice to put on the fish while they are waiting to be filleted.

Captain Clarence, Sue and crew strive to provide you with a quality experience from the time you book a charter with us through the last bite of your catch at your dining room table. Fish on!

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